Online Flamenco Tablao Workshop with Ana Romero

Online Flamenco Tablao Workshop with Ana Romero

Online Flamenco – Tablao Workshop with Ana Romero was recently held on Thursday 10th of June & proved to be a hit!

We had students and professionals from around the globe join us (Australia: Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide.  Asia: Japan, China, Philippines, Thailand… Europe: Greece & Spain)  engaging in a vivid theory workshop by Ana Romero with vital tips for Flamenco dancers wanting to pursue the path of dancing in a Tablao.

Due to the popular demand, we will be holding Tablao workshops in Sydney with live music at Pepa Molina Flamenco Dance Academy later in 2021, contact us for more information…

Online Flamenco Tablao Workshop with Ana Romero
Online Flamenco Tablao Workshop with Ana Romero

About Online Flamenco Tablao Workshop with Ana Romero:

In this unique Online Tablao Theory Workshop, Pepa Molina invites world-renowned Flamenco Artist Ana Romero to outline & disclose the important codes of communication that exist between Flamenco dancers and musicians in the Tablao Setting. Ana has an invaluable wealth of knowledge in the “Art” of “Tablao” with a career spanning over 4 decades in the industry and with an insight second to none into the Tablao form. Ana will delve into Tablao codes, structures, palmas accompaniment & Jaleos. A unique opportunity not to be missed!

Ana Romero (Brief Bio)

Ana Romero starts to dance Flamenco at 5 years of age within the Spanish community of Melbourne, Australia, performing throughout Melbourne with the Junior  Spanish Dance Troupe. At the age of 14 she initiates into the Tablao world with Mario Orbitani who has his own Flamenco dance company in Australia.

At the age of 22 she moves to Spain to pursue her profesional career studying with all the prominent Flamenco Maestros of the time  both in Madrid and also in Andalucia, such as: Ciro, Milagros Mengibar, La Tati, La China, Belen Maya, Manuel Reyes, Manuel Liñan, Marco Flores, Alejandro Granados, David Paniagua, Alfonso Losa, Carmela Greco to name a few.

Ana has performed extensively in Spain and worldwide in many of Spain’s leading Flamenco Dance Companies alongside some flamenco‘s most Legendary artists such as: .Manuela Vargas in Fedra, El Guito in various Flamenco Festivals, Joaquin Grilo, Cristina Hoyos Arsa y toma, Manolete, Alfonso Losa´s company, 

Arrieritos Somos in “Trece Rosas”, Olga Pericet, Manuel Liñan  in numerous productions including the new 2020 “la Otra Escena” and Marco Flores in “Flamencas” and “Transito.”

In her career, Ana has also mastered the difficult craft of Rhythm accompaniment for dance, known and very respected as a professional “Palmera” working with leading flamenco artists in their productions.

Ana has performed in all the tablaos of Madrid, and also in Barcelona and Japan. She is also co-founder and dancer of Tablao flamenco “Las Carboneras“ one of the most prominent Tablaos in Madrid, Spain.

Ana has also traveled the world with different companies as well as teaching workshops in numerous countries around the globe.

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