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Tablao Masterclass

TABLAO MASTERCLASS with Pepa Molina & Ana Romero (SPAIN) , for Flamenco dancers & musicians!!!

In this unique Tablao Masterclass, Pepa Molina invites world-renowned Flamenco Artist Ana Romero (Direct from Spain) to share the important codes of communication that exist between Flamenco dancers and musicians in the Tablao Setting in a live “Tablao Lab”.

Pepa & Ana have an invaluable wealth of knowledge in the “Art” of “Tablao” with careers spanning over 4 decades in the industry (That’s 8 decades combined) and with an insight second to none into the Tablao form. We will delve into Tablao codes, structures, palmas accompaniment & Jaleos. There will be a focus on the important role “palmas” (Clapping) play in accompanying a dancer, by working on the techniques involved in palmas accompaniment for Flamenco dance, shedding light on how the “palmas” enrich & elevate a dancer’s dance to other heights.

This workshop will be structured into 4 parts:

  1. Material: Ana Romero will teach dance materials (steps) (45 mins)
  2. Palmas (Clapping): Techniques, patterns, rhythms used for accompanying dance, examples & drills.
  3. Theory: Focus on Palmas accompaniment for dance, how & why…
  4. Tablao LAB: Hands on Tablao “in situ” in groups with live guitar, singing & palmas. Pre – requisite: Flamenco dancers participating in this part of the workshop will be required to dance part of an “Alegria” (own repertoire or previously learnt repertoire) We encourage Flamenco dancers to participate dancing in Part 4, but understand some dancers may want to observe, this is also an option.


DATE: 25th of January 2024

TIME: 6 – 8.30 pm

COST: $200


*Flamenco dance level required: Intermediate -Advanced. Lower intermediate are also welcome to participate.

LOCATION: Pepa Molina Flamenco Dance Academy – 3 Bridge st , Lidcombe NSW 2141

A unique opportunity for the Flamenco community not to be missed!!!

Ana Romero (Brief Bio)

Ana Romero starts to dance Flamenco at 5 years of age within the Spanish community of Melbourne, Australia, performing throughout Melbourne with the Junior  Spanish Dance Troupe. At the age of 14 she initiates into the Tablao world with Mario Orbitani who has his own Flamenco dance company in Australia.

At the age of 22 she moves to Spain to pursue her profesional career studying with all the prominent Flamenco Maestros of the time  both in Madrid and also in Andalucia, such as: Ciro, Milagros Mengibar, La Tati, La China, Belen Maya, Manuel Reyes, Manuel Liñan, Marco Flores, Alejandro Granados, David Paniagua, Alfonso Losa, Carmela Greco to name a few.

Ana has performed extensively in Spain and worldwide in many of Spain’s leading Flamenco Dance Companies alongside some flamenco ‘s most Legendary artists such as: .Manuela Vargas in Fedra, El Guito in various Flamenco Festivals, Joaquin Grilo, Cristina Hoyos Arsa y toma, Manolete, Alfonso Losa´s company, 

Arrieritos Somos in “Trece Rosas”, Olga Pericet, Manuel Liñan  in numerous productions including the new 2020 “la Otra Escena” and Marco Flores in “Flamencas” and “Transito.”

In her career, Ana has also mastered the difficult craft of Rhythm accompaniment for dance, known and very respected as a professional “Palmera” working with leading flamenco artists in their productions.

Ana has performed in all the tablaos of Madrid, and also in Barcelona and Japan. She is also co-founder and dancer of Tablao flamenco “Las Carboneras“ one of the most prominent Tablaos in Madrid, Spain.

Ana has also traveled the world with different companies as well as teaching workshops in numerous countries around the globe.

Pepa Molina (Tablao BIO)

Pepa Molina has lived trained & worked in Spain for over 30 yrs & has wealth of knowledge through her training & performing in Spain’s most prominent Tablaos such as:

“La Reina Mora”, “Los Tarantos”, ” La Venta del Gallo”, “Jardines Neptuno” & Sacromonte gypsy Flamenco caves; “Cueva de la Rocio”, “Maria La Canastera”, “La cueva del Chato”, “Cueva de Curro” in Granada, Spain.

“Casa Patas”, “Corral de la Moreria”, “Villa Rosa”, “Cafe de Chinitas”, “Las Tablas”, “Tablao Café Zyriab”, “Las Carboneras”, Teatro Flamenco Madrid,  in Madrid Spain.

“El Cordobes” Barcelona, Spain. As well as “El Flamenco” in Osaka, Japan.

Marco Van Doornam

Marco Van Doornam is a well known accomplished Flamenco guitarist with a true understating of accompanying Flamenco dance & the Tablao setting, having spent over a decade accompanying leading Flamenco dancers from Spain in New York, USA Tablaos & theatres…

Antonio Soria (Malaga, Spain) is Australia’s leading Flamenco singer with decades of knowledge in singing for Flamenco dance & in a Tablao setting accompanying many international artists & National artists such as Antonio Vargas, Diana Reyes & more…

“Working in a Tablao is becoming one with your musicians and fellow dancers & helping create the right atmosphere to let magical things happen”, Pepa Molina

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Flamenco in the Hills
Flamenco Beginner course in the Hills
Flamenco in the Hills

Beginner Flamenco – 8 week course (In the hills)

NEW 8 week Flamenco dance course in The Hills, a great opportunity to start your Flamenco journey with us!

Learn a new Flamenco choreography from scratch as well as FLAMENCO DANCE FUNDAMENTALS such as Footwork, arms & upper body, turns, Rhythms.

COURSE Levels: 2 SESSIONS/Classes: children & adult

Suitable for absolute beginners & beginners with no previous Flamenco dance experience, or if it’s been a while since you have been to a Flamenco class & you want to get back into it, this is the perfect course for you!

DATES: 8 week course 1st Feb – 21st March

2 SESSIONS/Classes: children & adult

* CHILDREN: 5.00 – 5.30:- (30 min class x 8 sessions) = $190


* ADULTS: 6.30 – 7.30: (1 hr class x 8 sessions) = $240


*Please note: This is strictly an 8 week course, there will be no refunds available on any classes

DATES Children’s Term 1 starts February 1St – Adult’s Term 1 starts February 1St

LOCATION  Hand in hand dance – 60 Cambewara Ave , Castle hill NSW 2154

What to wear:

Loose t- shirt or leotard & full skirt & character shoe or similar



Don’t miss it!

*Please note: This is strictly an 8 week course, there will be no refunds available on any classes missed.

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International Workshops

Past International Flamenco Master Workshops @ Pepa Molina Flamenco Dance Academy Sydney:

2023 International Flamenco Workshops

International Flamenco Dance Workshops with Jesus Fernández (Baile -Dance)& International Flamenco Singing Workshops with David Vázquez (Cante -Singing) Direct from Spain:

International Flamenco Workshop Jesus Fernandez
International Flamenco Workshop Jesus Fernandez


International Flamenco Workshops- Cante - DAVID VAZQUEZ
International Flamenco Workshops- Cante – DAVID VAZQUEZ

*2021: Online Tablao theory Workshop with Ana Romero (Tablao Las Carboneras, Madrid – Spain)

*2018 & 2019 guest artist La Truco direct from Spain @ Pepa Molina Flamenco dance Academy Sydney & LA TRUCO Flamenco Dance Master Workshop Sydney 2018. 

Photo/Video: Alessandra Pecci



Flamenco Workshops Sydney

After teaching Flamenco dance for 30 years across Spain and internationally with constant updating of personal continuous transversal training and keeping up to date with the evolution of the Flamenco art form. Our objective is to offer the highest quality Flamenco dance teaching. In this way contribute to raising the bar of the Flamenco dance sector and disclosing the Flamenco art form to all age groups.

Our active commitment, implication, and dedication to our students are part of our vocation for teaching which we see as essential for their personal growth as artists.

We develop Flamenco dance concepts ranging from traditional Flamenco to contemporary Flamenco dance choreographies & Workshops.

The musical structure is explained together with Flamenco singing to develop a deeper understanding of the complexity of the Flamenco art form with its wide variety of Palos (Genres, rhythms, and styles).

Our method has a particular emphasis on the technical, choreographic, and interpretative aspects, contextualizing according to each Flamenco Palo/ Genre, style.

Classes for all levels, from beginner to Professional, starting from tiny tots at 3 years of age.


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