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Bring us to your school or Uni with our FLAMENCO SI – Arts Education Program

“Flamenco Si” Lecture Demonstration Performances (Flamenco incursion) introduce the Art of Flamenco through explanations and demonstrations of Flamenco’s intricacies and cultural history, a wonderful blend of entertainment and education for children of all ages.

We discuss how the Flamenco music, Flamenco song and Flamenco dance all relate to each other with demonstrations of the varied Flamenco instruments and techniques involved in the Flamenco art form: castañuelas (castanets), Flamenco guitarra (guitar), Flamenco cante (song), and Flamenco dance (Baile). Audience participation is a vital aspect of the show, which ends with a Q & A.


FLAMENCO SI – Lecture Demonstration Full Dossier Information pack:

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Schools where Compañía Pepa Molina has visited with FLAMENCO SI:

ACT: Radford College, Bruce ACT. 

NSW: Cheltenham Girls High School, Ravenswood School for Girls, Sceggs Darlinghurst, Bronte Primary School, St Ives High School, Broughton Anglican College, Tara Anglican College, International Grammar & The Annual NSW Spanish Teacher’s Conference 2017.


In-School Educational Programs

”Flamenco Si ” In-School Educational Program
Our In-School Educational Program features multi-week, community-based educational residencies teaching Spanish history, culture and language using flamenco dance as the focal point, and are accompanied by curriculum materials. Age-specific residencies for grades K–12 are taught by teaching Flamenco artists, include a Flamenco guitarist and Flamenco singer and final student performance. Additional activities include Flamenco lecture demonstrations, participatory family or student Flamenco workshops, and Flamenco master classes.

FLAMENCO SI –In-School Educational Program Full Dossier Information pack:

Download “Flamenco Si ” In-School Educational Program” Information pack PDF :

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“Beautiful performance of the Pepa Molina Company in the XII Meeting of Spanish teachers of NSW. It was a luxury for assistant teachers to enjoy their dance 5 meters away. The first approach to flamenco dancing for some. For the most knowledgeable, a performance at the highest level.”

Cristina Del Alamo – Spanish Education Advisor NSW Department of Education & Education Office/Embassy of Spain (Centro de Recursos Alejandro Malaspina) 2017

“Pepa is a celebrated flamenco dancer but she’s also an excellent teacher. The Flamenco Si Lecture demo gave my students a chance to experience Spanish culture through flamenco – baile y cante. The language is embedded in her lecture & performance. the students thoroughly enjoyed the history, the dance demonstration and not to mention the world-class performance. I thoroughly recommend this for any teachers looking for a piece of Spain to bring into their school and classroom.”

Maxine Acosta – Language teacher –Cheltenham Girls High School

What a magnificent performance! & such a rewarding experience for our students on Spanish Day! Anna Kowalik- Broughton Anglican College

Thank you so much, the incursion was amazing and the girls had an awesome time and really enjoyed it. Daniel Gonzalez, Cheltenham Grils High School