Pepa Molina

Flamenco dancer, teacher, producer & choreographer

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Flamenco dance classes Sydney

Lidcombe Community Centre – 3 Bridge St. Lidcombe NSW 2141


My practice is focused in the discipline of Flamenco, though my language in dance is traditional, my path is in the broader context of contemporary flamenco dance making, delving into other ways of perceiving the artform by exploring sound, other dance disciplines, dance theatre, creative stage props/scenery and setting to capture an elastic, innovative new perceptual essence.


“Pepa is a skilled and powerful flamenco dancer that presents interesting and engaging material…”
Jill Sykes, Sydney Morning Herald

“Brushstrokes of contemporary dance appear in her choreographies enriching her flamenco with new dimensions. Pepa is a dancer that knows her profession. “

J. F. Bustos, Granada Hoy,  Spain

“Pepa captivated Segovia with her production Flamencamente”

El Norte de Castilla, Spain

“A very versatile Pepa grows artistically in dances of strength. She knows how to control & deliver the Seguiriya with elegance. Pepa has a true artistic dominion of the “Bata de Cola” making the difficult appear effortless.

Manuel Moraga, De Flamenco, Spain


“I believe that the formula for success is 99% hard work and 1% inspiration”

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Ana Garcia
Director Flamenco Edition Birmingham UK
Compañía Pepa Molina @ Emoción Festival, Birmingham UK. 05- 03 -2007

Pepa’s artistry and professionalism are superb. Every time I have programed her company, Pepa has delivered high quality performances and workshops.

William Culver-Dodds
Chief executive Harrogate International Festival
Harrogate International Festival 1 – 09- 2008

The quality of the work and virtuosic dynamic performance of the three solo dancers was exhilarating, enhanced by powerful and atmospheric singing and hand percussion and brilliant guitarists. The whole was a polished authentic presentation integrated into a tightly woven whole, creating a powerful impact confidently confounding people's expectations as to 'real flamenco'. Overall it proved a distinctive programming choice within the Festival and I am sure it would be exciting addition to any arts festival and with the flexibility to fit into a range of diverse venues. I look forward to welcoming Pepa back to Harrogate in the future.

Marcial Rodríguez Otero
Coordinator CDC Canal Theatres Madrid Spain
Residency at CDC Canal Theatres Madrid, Spain 12-04-2012

We only bring the most exceptional artists and are privileged to include Pepa as one of our respected guest artists. Pepa Molina’s background as a leading Flamenco dance choreographer is evident in her creations and performances earning her the respect and admiration of her peers and fellow artists in Spain.

Lorraine Towers
Lecturer Sydney School of Education and Social Work - The University of Sydney
Bush Bailando @ Parramatta Riverside theatre May 2016

What an exciting blend of flamenco tradition and innovation, danced with verve and great skill!

Gina Rubiano
NSW Coordinator- Spanish Film Festival
Spanish Film Festival 01 - 05 - 2017

Compañía Pepa Molina made the opening night of The 20th Spanish Film Festival unique and unforgettable! Gina Rubiano