Flamenco Workshop & Performance tour Spain

Flamenco Workshops & Performance Tour Spain

Flamenco Workshops & Performance Tour Spain 2019

This year’s Flamenco Workshops & Performance Tour Spain July 2019 started off with a very exciting 2 day Masterclass in Malaga, Spain. Where i was invited to teach closing the EFA’s V International Flamenco Seminar Of Malaga together with Spain’s leading Flamenco dance professionals during the Bienal of Flamenco in Malaga.  Where I taught a workshops for professional Flamenco dancer &Flamenco teachers from Spain & internationals. Next stop was Madrid the Capital of Spain & Flamenco Capital where I taught my annual Summer Flamenco Workshops @ Cursillos de Verano 2019 Pepa Molina en Amor de Dios
this year’s edition was a huge success with students & Flamenco dance professionals from many different parts of Spain & the world flocking to learn at one of Spain’s Flamenco temples Flamenco Amor de Dios, there where new & familiar faces attending as always, it’s such a pleasure to be back and share my passion for Flamenco dance with you!

This year’s tour finished with three Flamenco performances @Tablao Cafe Zyriab Flamenco Madrid https://www.cafeziryab.com/ together with fabulous local artists guitarist Jorge Rodriguez, Flamenco singer El Pola & Flamenco dancers Ruben Puertas & Ricardo Moro…

Looking forward to being back next year!

Photography: Flamenco Bites https://www.facebook.com/flamencobites/
Flamenco Workshops & Performance Tour Spain 2019

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