Flamenco in the hills

Flamenco in the Hills

Flamenco in the hills   Due to popular demand our professionally trained teachers will be facilitating a BRAND NEW Beginners Flamenco dance course in The Hills! Content: Learn the FLAMENCO DANCE FUNDAMENTALS such as Footwork “Zapateado”, arms “Braceo” & upper body, turns “Vueltas”, Rhythm “Palmas”. We will be commencing a…

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Flamenco Classes and Lessons in Sydney

Learn to dance Flamenco with Internationally acclaimed and award winning Flamenco dancer Pepa Molina now in Australia! Pepa Molina Flamenco dancer, teacher, producer & choreographer will be directing & teaching from her new Flamenco academy opening in Sydney, January 2018. Are you looking for the highest standard flamenco dance studio…

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SUNDAY FLAMENCO WORKSHOPS NEW WEEKEND Flamenco dance WORKSHOP SUNDAYS OCTOBER Due to popular demand Pepa Molina Flamenco dance Sydney is running Inter/Advanced Flamenco dance Sunday workshops during the month of October. This workshop series gives advanced students from other states as well as Sydneysiders the opportunity to learn a new “Solea…

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