Flamenco in the hills

Flamenco in the Hills

Flamenco in the hills


Flamenco in the hills
Flamenco in the hills

Due to popular demand our professionally trained teachers will be facilitating a BRAND NEW Beginners Flamenco dance course in The Hills!


Learn the FLAMENCO DANCE FUNDAMENTALS such as Footwork “Zapateado”, arms “Braceo” & upper body, turns “Vueltas”, Rhythm “Palmas”.

We will be commencing a new Flamenco dance choreography from scratch, this is a great opportunity to start your Flamenco journey with us!.


Suitable for absolute beginners & beginners with no previous Flamenco dance experience, or if it’s been a while since you have been to a Flamenco class & you want to get back into it, this is the perfect course for you!

Age group: Adults of all ages & Teens

Cost : $240  (8 week course 12 Oct- 30 Nov) 8 week Beginner Flamenco Dance Course in the Hills

Duration:  1 hr classes x 8 sessions

What to wear:

Loose t- shirt & full skirt & character shoe or similar




Don’t miss it!

*Please note: This is strictly an 8 week course, there will be no refunds available on any classes missed.

Beginner Flamenco – 8 week course (In the hills)

Cost: $240.00

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