Flamenco Classes and Lessons in Sydney

Learn to dance Flamenco with Internationally acclaimed and award winning Flamenco dancer Pepa Molina now in Australia! Pepa Molina Flamenco dancer, teacher, producer & choreographer will be directing & teaching from her new Flamenco academy opening in Sydney, January 2018.

Are you looking for the highest standard flamenco dance studio Australia?
Pepa Molina Flamenco Coaching Academy, Flamenco at it’s best right here in Sydney, Australia!
The Pepa Molina flamenco coaching academy is home to the art of Flamenco. Our flamenco classes are genuine and of the highest calibre. We are passionate about teaching the art of Flamenco dance and teach at the highest technical level. We are more than a flamenco dance studio, we are a direct link to Spain and it’s culture offering authentic flamenco dance clases and also kids flamenco dance lessons in Sydney.
Our Sydney Flamenco Studio offers genuine Flamenco training direct from Spain. Pepa Molina travels internationally and tours Spain performing and teaching flamenco dance in Madrid regularly. Her Flamenco dance expertise and career are second to none in Australia. Pepa Molina has many great reviews.
Our Sydney flamenco dance classes are in our flamenco dance studio just like Pepa Molina’s Flamenco dance workshops at Amor de Dios flamenco dance school in Madrid. Pepa Molina flamenco dance academy Sydney offers flamenco dance lessons as well as other dance styles: ballet, classical Spanish dance & more. We offer private flamenco dance clases & group clases.

Flamenco expert Pepa Molina offers premiere Flamenco entertainment throughout Australia with fantastic reviews. Featuring live flamenco shows with flamenco dancers, flamenco guitarists, flamenco singers in Sydney and throughout Australia.
For more flamenco dance information don’t hesitate to contact us.
Inscriptions online through the contact form.

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We have the premiere flamenco coaching academy and we work with Sydney Flamenco https://www.sydneyflamenco.com/ and Australia Flamenco https://www.australiaflamenco.com/.